Friday, August 14, 2009

2009 Concorso Italiano

A very busy morning of about every Italian car ever made, as well as a few surprises once again. though we saw every Lamborghini and Ferrari model, to me an old mustard colored Alfa stole the show along with the new Fisker Karma and Sunset. Holy Cow! If the future of electric cars is owned by Fisker and Tesla, the future is bright. Without design like this, petro vehicles could soon be dead.

It was nice to walk the golf course again, I am happy they decided to move the event fromthe Jet Center back to a nice green fairway and the event planners certainly made this even better than the prior years. There were more cars and a smaller crowd. A chance to see the Lambo Reventon, wow. Several Ferrari F40, F50 and Enzo's and the crazy, Bertone styled Bat cars (check the gallery as these cars are a must see!).
Not only were the Italians out in full force, there were many Porsche's, Audi R8's and even a Mosler... and Motorcycles too.
See the photo gallery here;

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