Saturday, August 15, 2009

Low Key Saturday

We've had a nice Saturday thus far - plenty quiet and only doing what we feel like. This may be the only day of the entire trip where we don't have a "plan" or "obligations" and can come and go as we please.
Breakfast at the Centrella was delicious (as usual!) Mixed berry french toast souffle was the overwhelming pick at our table, although Preston had to dissent and went with the ham and mushroom frittata. Then, it was a quick run to the Safeway to pick up some sinus meds for Dana and some snacks for the rest of us. We wrapped up the morning with a few hours walking around Ocean Ave in Carmel - mostly window shopping - although we did convince Presto to part with a whopping $25 for a t-shirt. Alas, he's learning it's much easier to make his money than to part with it.
Below are some pics from our morning sojourn ...

We now patiently await the arrival of our good friend Doc Brown from Sacramento!

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john s said...

Great to see a picture of Sarah - intentionally standing in front of the "College of Sweets"?? How do I get a degree?