Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finally, we've arrived!

To briefly recap:
We had a GREAT flight (much to my relief!) from Mpls to San Jose
A LONG afternoon at the Enterprise Rent-a-Car lot
A brief trip to an In'N'Out burger
Two stops for Dana to feed his ever growing wardrobe at the Outlets of Gilroy
One wrong turn, resulting in a 10 minute detour


It's after 6:00 local time, funny thing is, that feels about right. Wait until tomorrow morning though, when we're both up at something like 3:00AM CA time - that'll be fun! Everyone was very patient today with a long day of travel and is just so happy to be enjoying the nice cool Pacific Grove breeze. Time now for our complimentary evening appetizers and some wine - seems like the perfect way to wind down a long day.

Tomorrow will be a busy day - Carmel in the late morning to catch the end of the Concours Tour and then an afternoon at Big Sur. More updates of cars, surf and hopefully, the World's Best Pancake tomorrow.

I'll leave you with a picture of the dutch door in our room - so perfect....


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